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    Johnson Realty,LLC - Watha! 3BR/2.5 bath modular that's simply gorgeous inside with upstairs that will allow for 2 additional bedrooms if finished off! This one is walk in ready as far as paint and carpet go people! And I don't see that every day! $169,900

    3 weeks ago

    Johnson Realty,LLC - We now have 3 bedroom single family homes for rent in Wallace. Rents start at 650.00. Call 910-285-9111 - 2 bedrooms open in December !!!

    4 weeks ago

    Johnson Realty,LLC - 108 Ocean Drive-better known as the home from The Amityville Horror ! Looks gorgeous in this previous real estate listing pic from Zillow doesn't it? Happy Halloween!

    4 weeks ago

    Johnson Realty,LLC - Did you know that In the state of New York, home sellers must disclose if the house is haunted by ghosts....just a thought for the month! Trick or Treat...... come see us on October 31st in downtown Wallace!

    1 month ago